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Keeping information systems and networks running at peak efficiencies has never been more critical to business success than today. However, using the best technologies only lays the groundwork. To keep ahead of competition, new services and information systems need to be implemented while continuing to manage the day-to-day operations and current business needs.

Heritage Networking Inc provides a total solution that ensures there are no weak links in your technology planning and network implementation. We are your single source for every technology issue whether the need is for a trained and certified engineer to design, configure and install new systems and networks, or just need to augment your staff with an expertise for a short or long term engagement. In either situation Heritage Networking Inc makes sure it meets your expectations for performance, scheduling and budget.

Flexible access to engineering and technical expertise
Single point-of-contact for turn-key business technology solutions
Focused specifically on small business networking technology

Greater focus on core business needs
Latest IT technologies and methodologies

As part of our comprehensive delivery plan, Heritage Networking Inc can if necessary procure all the hardware, software and third party services.

Heritage Networking Inc is experienced in delivering implementation services for systems and networking projects. It is critical to create a design plan to meet the varying requirements of each project and networking installation.

A key deliverable in all projects is the documentation to be provided as part of the acceptance criteria. The documentation requirements will be agreed to by Heritage Networking Inc and you, the customer, as part of the initial statement of work. The size and type of documentation will be specific to the project. We can provide everything from network diagrams, system configurations, detailed inventories, to customized operations manuals dependant upon the requirements.

At every step during projects worked Heritage Networking Inc brings knowledge to the table in order to prepare staff to be an active player in during projects and network changes. We have found out that staff who understand the IT changes bring valuable information to the table when merging business needs with new technology.